Probate & Estate Planning

We are proud to serve individuals and their families in all aspects of estate planning, probate, estate and trust administration, resolution of trust and estate disputes, and guardianship proceedings.

Proper estate planning ensures that your assets will be distributed in accordance with your wishes.  Also ensuring proper estate planning can minimize or eliminate estate tax upon your death.

We provide the full range of estate-planning services including:

• family limited liability companies

• family limited partnerships

• simple and complex wills

• living trusts, charitable trusts and life insurance trusts

• durable powers of attorney

•  living wills or directive to physicians

• special needs trusts

• life insurance planning

• private foundation and supporting organizations

• ESOPs and other retirement plans

• retirement plans and IRAs

• lifetime gifting programs

• asset protection planning

• succession planning

We assist clients with estate planning needs regardless of size, from modest asset holdings to estates valued in the millions of dollars.

Estate Administration

Assist in Personal Representatives and Trustees of Revocable Living Trusts to administer the estates of deceased individuals. Providing a full range of estate and trust administration services:

• Provide required accounting services and maintain banking and investment records.

• Determine if a probate is necessary or whether a less formal means of administration is possible.

• Collect and verify assets, including filing claims for insurance proceeds and death benefits, and arrange for asset appraisals and valuations.

• Identify, notify and deal with decedent’s creditors.

• Prepare federal and state estate and gift tax returns, the decedent’s final income tax return and the fiduciary income tax returns.

• Oversee the transfer, sale and distribution of the decedent’s assets.

• Close the estate.


Unfortunately, the death of a family member can lead to disputes among those surviving. Sometimes conflict is the result of poor or no estate planning.

Sometimes, legal intervention is necessary to protect the deceased and his or her legitimate heirs from the terms of a Will induced by fraud or undue influence. We understand sometimes unfortunate necessity of estate litigation, we will help you and your family get through this time of need and guidance.

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