I used Tresa for my divorce after using two other attorneys. Tresa handled it all on time and my paperwork was always done right the first time (which kept my cost down). She knows the laws and she worked for me. I felt much better with her on my case and she got me everything I wanted. Thank You!
– David of Seattle

I just took a look at your new web site. I am so impressed and pleased with your professionalism! It absolutely reflects the joy and hope that you brought to Sean and I when it became necessary to return to court for the sake of my step-child. I knew you were perfect the day we met you. While you are kind and attentive, you are a damned tiger. Coming from New York that was exactly what we were looking for. The boy is now happier than ever. While the court doesn’t solve everything it certainly made a statement that only you could bring. We are proud to call you “our attorney” and we look forward to employing you for our needs again… And, there is an ‘again’ coming!
– Lisa of Shoreline

Tresa not only helped me once but twice, first to gain physical custody of my son and secondly to move to another state. I would highly recommend her services.
— Chris of Bothell

To whom it may concern,
My name is Scott, I have been a client of Tresa Sadler for many years and I have recommended her services to many people over the years. Of those people, they have always thanked me for the favor. She is a pro and has always had the highest standards while dealing with my legal problems. I will continue to use Tresa as my counsel because, there is nobody that compares to what she can accomplish.
— Scott of Snohomish

Tresa Sadler has assisted me with several legal issues over the past several years. She has shown the utmost professionalism and has always been exceptionally responsive to my needs. She has always been very upfront and clear about my options and has helped guide me through difficult circumstances. I have referred several of my friends and colleagues to her over the years and the reports I have always received back have confirmed that my experiences have not been unique. I would give her the highest recommendation.
– Mike of North Seattle

I am one of Ms. Sadler’s strong supporters when recalling my divorce process. She was always better prepared in Court than the opposition and prevailed. I was grateful for her excellent advice and calm and persistent manner in dealing with difficult attorneys on the other side. The end result was the acceptance of an offer almost identical to the one originally extended earlier in the case.
– Russel of Everett

I was very impressed with how Tresa thinks on her feet. She represented me in a relentless, gutsy way and I was extremely pleased that I had selected her as my legal counsel. She brought up points that I would never have had the courage to say. She’s aggressive, diligent and very committed to going all out for her clients.
-Larry of Seattle

Tresa was very professional throughout my divorce case. She was appropriately aggressive in her approach and very knowledgeable in her area of expertise. I am very pleased with how she handled my case and the situations related to it. My comments about Tresa are all extremely positive.
– George of Lake Forest Park

Going through a divorce is a difficult time and having competent, professional legal counsel is one way to make it an easier experience. Working with Tresa certainly made my experience more positive. She was extremely professional and very responsive. I relied on her for legal advice and for coordinating the documentation and legal aspects of the case. We wound up settling the case and I was very satisfied with the results.
– Joel of Bothell

Tresa encouraged me to be an active participant in my case, which allowed me to reduce my legal fees. I gathered information and did a lot of the footwork. She was very considerate of the billing time we accumulated. I feel that the time I was billed for was fair and truly represented the time that was productively spent on my case. I enjoyed working with her as an individual. She was always very courteous, well-prepared and extremely well-versed in the law.
-Jonathan of Seattle

Tresa represented me during my divorce in a very professional manner. Throughout the process, I had great confidence in her abilities at all times. She lived up to her reputation of fighting for a client’s interests and getting the job done.
-Michael of Kirkland

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